Internal Stairs

There are many different design options available and the majority of stairs we manufacture are completely unique. Whether your stair is purely functional or you are looking to create a statement in your home, we treat every project individually to ensure superior quality and complete satisfaction.

Closed Stairs

Closed Stairs are used where there is a need to provide storage or room underneath, often used between walls. The two most common styles are Housed (or wall stringers and Sawtooth) or Concealed stringers. These stairs usually have a wall on one or both sides of the stairs and Balustrade, if needed.

Open Stairs

Open Stairs are used to create an airy look or open plan about the home and not obstruct a view. They usually have a complementary balustrade. The two most common styles are dual stringers (on each side of the treads), or a mono stringer in the centre of the staircase.

Mono-Stringer Stairs

Mono Stringer (or Central Stringer) stairs are often used to create an architectural feature of your stair. This can be manufactured with either a Timber or Steel Stringer. Mono Stringers are normally used on a straight flight of stairs although it is possible to run them from landings or winders.

Custom & Architectural Designs

We are very happy to work with you on any custom or Architectural design. Simply talk through your ideas and concepts with us and we will work on a design for you.


Traditional stairs are usually closed stairs, either in a polish grade finish timber or to be carpeted over for quietness and softness underfoot.